Hello to everyone,

My name is Ron DiBuccio, and I would like to welcome you to a new way of thinking about your hair. As a veteran hair stylist with over 30 years of experience, my philosophy is easy "Simple is the key". I love to bring the most contemporary styles and colors and fuse them together with easy to maintain looks you can manage at home. My main goal as a stylist is that you have great hair everyday, not just when you leave the salon.

Having studied hairdressing in London, New York City and Los Angeles. I focus my energy on my strengths: beautiful, natural looking hair color and precision hair cutting. Attention to detail is a constant in my chair. Great hair is only one part of the equation for a great salon experience. The Epic Salon environment is the other part. This is where I’m at my best! I really enjoy my guests. Having most of them with me for over 20 years and counting. People feel very comfortable in my chair. I have a very relaxed, calm approach to my work. So, if you’re the unsure nervous type, I can help.

Over the years, my work has been seen in movies, television shows, magazines, album covers, books, Broadway plays and more. After more than 3 decades of experience behind the chair, I‘m more devoted now than ever to helping every one of my clients achieve their hair dreams.



P.S... If you struggle with "frizzy, dry, curly, damaged, thin, dull, broken, chemically challenged, unruly, coarse, not so user friendly hair" Ask me how I can fix all of your hair problems in just one salon visit. "Keratin Complex Treatment" will positively change your life forever!

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