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Epic The Salon is open for business beginning Tuesday, September 8!

We understand everyone is anxious, we are as well. It’s our commitment to our valued guests and community that we go to extreme measures to insure the safety and comfort of our guests.

  • All work surfaces are disinfected before and after each guest.
  • All door handles, railings, and surfaces are constantly being disinfected.
  • The salon is large and airy giving our guests plenty of personal space.
  • All of our Epic team members are using the best hygiene practices possible to stay healthy. We use disinfectants, gloves and masks at every work station.
  • None of our team members will be working if they have been in contact with or have any symptoms of any kind of illness.

If you are or have been in contact with someone who is exhibiting symptoms of any illness, please do not make an appointment until you know you are not infectious.

All of us at Epic Salon thank and value you for your continued support in a very challenging time.

. If you’d like to schedule your next appointment in advance, please visit epicsalon.com and choose the Online Booking tab.

We hope to see you soon!

Thank you for your understanding and continued loyalty.






If you have any questions you can contact us at 818-986-2034 or send us an email at info@epicsalon.com